Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark (frankthepirate) wrote in bettasplendens,
Warning: This Pirate May Contain Snark

Superglue in fish tanks?

I'm thinking about making tank dividers like these ones, but was going to glue the binder bits into a frame so the whole thing can be pulled out and clipped into place elsewhere if needed instead of being stuck in the tank. I was wondering if superglue would be safe, as I can't find pure silicon sealant anywhere in town. My plan is to cut the canvas, glue the binder bits on all 4 sides, then put it in the tank and hold it in with clips on the top and suction cups on the bottom (bare bottomed breeding tank)

Any ideas? I can get a tiny tube of sealant but its like at pets at home and has less stuff in it then a small tube of toothpaste.

The tank is my betta tank in the bedroom, to separate a male and female betta, if that matters :) Its planted with live plants of all sorts.

thanks all!

x-posted everywhere!
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